Tenant Attorney and Berkeley Activist Bob Evans

Tenant attorney Bob Evans, a former Rent Board Commissioner, passed away recently. Marsha Feinland, a BTU member who was active in the Peace and Freedom Party with Bob, wrote this: 

Bob Evans was born on Oct 9, 1945 in San Francisco, where he grew up. He attended U.C. Berkeley and received his law degree at Boalt Hall. He was an attorney in private practice specializing in criminal defense and tenant protections. He was often appointed by the court to represent indigent clients.

Bob was active in the fight to defend rent control in Berkeley and was an elected commissioner on the Berkeley Rent Board from 2002-2006.

Bob was devoted to the struggle for socialism in this country and worldwide. He was a frequent candidate for office as a Peace and Freedom Party nominee for State Senate and for State Attorney General.

Bob served on the State Central Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party. He was also an editor of the Party newspaper, The PARTISAN. He was passionate about promoting the socialist perspective of the party, both in his writing and presentations. Here is an excerpt from his writing:

“… An understanding of the vital importance of ownership and control of the means of production and natural resources, and the resulting (when ownership and control is capitalist in nature) production for profit rather than production for use is key to building an understanding that socialism is not reformed capitalism, but a fundamentally different system and that socialism is not merely a nice idea but is essential to the progress of human society.

… Socialism will come about only when workers recognize their class interests and organize as a class and take possession of the means of production. We should not promote the illusion that class-consciousness is not essential to socialist revolution.”

Bob is survived by his wife, Suzi Sargent.