Berkeley Rent Board Postcard — March, 2015
Berkeley Rent Board Postcard — March, 2015

City of Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board

City of Berkeley Rental Housing Safety Program

Small Claims Court (Security Deposits)

Self-Help Center
(510) 272 1393

Tenants Together

Advice Line: (888) 495-8020

East Bay Community Law Center

Eviction Defense Center

Rental Assistance

Tenants may obtain referrals to other Rental Assistance providers, like Catholic Charities, by contacting the East Bay Community Law Center or calling 211.
More info: Rental Assistance Program
(The City of Berkeley is discussing reinstating the Rental Assistance funding as part of discussions on “antidisplacement” in Summer 2017)

SEEDS Community Resolution Center (Mediation)

2530 San Pablo Ave. Suite A
Berkeley, CA 94702
Telephone: (510) 548-2377
Meters and flowers

Evict This

San Francisco tenant lawyer rants about landlords and other tenants rights issues. Humorous, informative comments about tenants rights and tenant law.

Oakland Tenants Union

Causa Justa – (for Oakland, not Berkeley)

San Francisco Renters