Berkeley Tenants Union Spring Campaign: Security Deposits

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BTU is a member of Tenants Together, California’s statewide tenant organization. Our friends there have provided an easy way for you to support SB603 – the great new law about Security Deposits that we keep telling you about. If passed, this law would give California tenants some rights that Berkeley tenants already enjoy – like interest on their security deposits. In addition, Senator Leno’s bill calls for landlords to pay penalties if they improperly withhold a security deposit. SUCH PENALTIES ARE IMPORTANT because many landlords withhold security deposits as a matter of course, because they count on tenants being unwilling or unable to take them to small claims court.

Just last week at the Farmers Market, BTU met a tenant whose landlord was taking improvements like new carpet and cabinets out of a deposit – this a is a real problem in Berkeley and you can help RIGHT NOW by following the link below to send a letter to our state Senator. You can also call her at (510) 286-1333