This Sunday the 2014 Rent Board Convention will choose the pro-tenant slate for the fall election.

BTU joined community groups like the Peace and Freedom Party, Berkeley Citizen Action, and Grey Panthers in sending someone to interview the candidates and rank them according to their responses to the interview and the questionnaires. Here are the BTU screener’s ratings (click to enlarge)!

JOIN US SUNDAY at 1:30 PM at 2939 Ellis (corner of Ashby)

The World Cup will be on in the lounge at the Center starting at noon!
Childcare provided during the convention.

See candidate questionnaires on the convention website:

Daily Californian on the upcoming convention:
Sid Lakireddy, president of the Berkeley Property Owners Association… ‘There is a sentiment amongst board members that all property owners and landowners should not be in business and property should be free,’ he said.”